Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bible Verse Of The Day - Oh The Mercy Of YAH

Good Morning Beloved people of YAH ....Here is His Bread of Life and His food for meditation:

The Lord is full of compassion and mercy.... James 5:11

The Lord is Gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love....Psalm 145:8

Ahhh the mercies of the Lord are new every morning....the Goodness of the Lord is sooooooooo mind blowing isn't it? He loves us soooo much that He forgives when we repent.....He forgets about it too! .....we do not live under a yoke of the law and condemnation but of love and mercy!

Take a look at this insight: like a little child full of fear, repentance, reverence, honor and humility to a forgiving, kind and understanding, patient, graceful, instructive natural parent....How much more does our perfect Holy Father love and extend grace, love, understanding, instruction and mercy to His forgiveness today in all things by asking Him to freshly examine you see if there is any wicked way in you and ask Him to lead you in His way everlasting....Jesus says if you love Me you will obey Me......yet when we try to hit the target with all our heart and still fall short of perfection guess what... He's there Big Holy Papa Daddy YAH LOVE Himself just waiting for us to ask for His cleansing and help to mature into the Child He has destined us to be....CHRIST LIKE! Ohhhh for the Day....our goal is to be Christ Like ...I love that question that we can ask ourselves in all things...What would Jesus do? Or... what would Jesus want us to do? Beloved....Even though we have this graceful covenant promise lets seek to be righteous and holy....and vessels of His perfect love. Be extremely blessed! 
In Jesus perfect love and peace,
Gary and Rhonda
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